Kindle Amazingness

February 24th, 2013 by hmatt

I bought my Kindle Keyboard 3G in April of 2011, and this thing is amazing. Most recently it helped me out of a pickle while in Australia.

You see, the device comes with FREE 3G around the world AND it has an experimental web browser. Usually I use it to email Jacqui while I’m there visiting, or Tweet. Well, my big idea was to restart my Netflix DVD subscription to use for my Pop Culture Nights. However, when I went to the Netflix to login it stated that Netflix cannot be used in that country!

What was I to do? I really wanted Boardwalk Empire! Fortunately, I thought to use my Kindle. Since it works it’s magic through Amazon’s servers, I was able to login, restart and manage my Netflix dvd queue!

I love that little book reading device!

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