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Impossible Project

Friday, September 14th, 2012

One thing I really love about crowdsourcing is the the ability to reward the ingenuity of a fun design or idea to make it a reality.

I signed up to receive the most popular Kickstarter pages and this was one:

An iPhone Polaroid Camera Adapter


Monday, October 25th, 2010

Why is it so difficult sometimes to find a good app.

I’d like a map app that allows me to save multiple locations.

Example: I open up the app, do a search for “99cents Only” stores and I get a huge list. I can then simply click add to all of them. Then I can see where I am, and have a map that shows all of them at the same time. I can also click on ‘list’ and then have them sorted by distance. Also, allow me to add a quick note. Pluses would be the ability to import/export from the iPhone contact list. Also send the address to the maps app.

This would certainly help me save on gas, but is such an app easy to find? No..

It could exist in one of those $50 gps apps, but I don’t have the cash to spend and find out. As it is, I just spent $7 on two apps that don’t do what I want them to do.

MyMaps- $2. This allows me to edit and see map lists I’ve created with google. Awesome in theory, except the interface is super clunky and doesn’t allow me to search for things and easily add addresses.

TripDoc- $5. This one has the most hope, except there isn’t a way to sort groups of addresses by lists. If it had a way for me to put a bunch of addresses in a group like “99cent stores”, then I’d be all for it. However, it puts ALL the addresses together.. resulting in a big mess. I can’t ‘hide’ a group of places. Also, there isn’t any list of how far each place is from another.

So goes the hunt. Maybe someday I’ll find something.