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Stickies vs Textedit vs Text clipping

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I used to be such a textedit user. I changed its preferences so it so it would always deal with plain text (so it could go to any device or website). But then I got sick of having to save it all the time. Even though I could use TextExpander to put in the date, I didn’t like having to constantly put the files away someplace.

Stickies don’t allow me to scroll as there are no sidebars. I have to use my arrow keys all the time. Also, as far as I know it can’t auto show a date (the information is somewhere though because I can hover over the windows and they’ll list creation date etc.

Textclips can’t be seen with quicklook, but I used to use them to drag the text out of a textedit document to avoid the trouble of saving it.

I’ve really come to like stickies though. I do wish they would sync with mobileme though.

Post Vs Page

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

-static, easier to direct people where to go
-easier to update afterward, have a full record of something
-doesn’t appear on my rss feed
– Needs to be updated separately

-able to easily add and flow with thoughts
-can connect to others
-autoupdates facebook
-..but then if I mispell or need to update a page I have two places where I’m supposed to go unless I added the post to the don’t post into FB category (UN? or Twitter)
-I end up writing the same things over and over because I tagged them and tossed them out into the abyss before.