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Thursday, July 30th, 2015

One of my goals is to start eating healthier. I have a jumble of places I keep my recipes, and this morning I thought I’d google the best app for keeping my recipes together.

Then I stumbled upon Paprika. Now, since the app stores don’t have try before you buy anymore, I had to take the leap of faith for that $5 (iOS version). I’ve spent LOTS of cash trying to find apps that fit the bill, and this one certainly does that! First off, the thing I always disliked about most apps is the re-entering in process. There are several amazing recipe websites out there and the copy and paste thing is so tedious. Then, and this is the amazing part, this app can scan the page you are looking at and put the information in the right places automatically! Hip Hip Hooray!

I have a few recipes in text files that came from somewhere online, and now I can collect them all in one place AND it remembers where you got the recipe too! Yay for giving credit!

So begins the process of grabbing recipes off of my pinterest pins (super easy) and finding the original sources of the little text files I have, or from times I attempted to create a database.

I’ve also contacted my family to get recipes my grandmother used to make.. yay comfort food!


Here are a couple linked recipes that I like (or think I will like):

—   — pies to try