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collapsible page lists for wordpress

Friday, March 13th, 2009

This looked interesting, but I don’t know if I want to fiddle with adjustments for all of my themes every single time..

I’m still looking for a way to post just the page list by itself (so I can drop it into iWeb via a html snippet using iframe )

Lists, processes, organizing, thoughts

Friday, March 13th, 2009

So I’ve been trying to clear out all this mental clutter that takes up a lot of my energy. I want to easily be able to share some of the processes and thoughts I’ve come up with over the years. The hardest part is showing how they have overlapped and evolved.

My website used to be the only place for this. I would handcode a page and not worry about things like formatting and layout. This was a VERY tedious way of doing things. I had the time back in early college. I don’t have that luxury now that I’m working all the time to eat and pay rent.

Then I used to post on livejournal. They were bought and sold so often I didn’t trust them, so I took the jump to wordpress. Which opened up all possibilities and all sorts of troubleshooting to get things the exact way I wanted them.

I’ve been trying to make the job of updating easier on myself, but it has gotten so complicated! A blog post gets lost so easily- so I’m trying to make pages now.

But I don’t have an easy way to post each new page on I would rather have a page to point to or something, but I rather like the new collapsible sidebar I created. That I have to handcode though! = (

Now that some of my pages are updated in iWeb, I find it to be such a hassle to update and reload to my ftp (iWeb 09 does this, but their filestructure is SO strange and messes up the way things should look.

A lot of my pages are similar in nature. And although I could make one large page, I’m opting to link all similar pages together by hand. I set up my posts to do this automatically by using tags, but pages are supposed to be more finalized than the fleeting thoughts of a post.

Anyway, I gather there are very few people out there who find this interesting- but you never know! I know I’ve written these things time and again.. but there is the trouble of posts. I can’t remember when I said them or want to take the time to sift through it all to find and link back to this post.

I wish there was a single link for my pages… but until I find it it is all seen on any of my blog pages


Saturday, January 17th, 2009

So I’ve been spending my evening crossing off all sorts of to dos and it feels great!

[expand title=I’ve even been testing little things for my site]Like expanding content[/expand]

Although I doubt the expanding content will work outside of

At any rate though, I always have a story to tell [expand title=and more]But only if someone is willing to take the time to read more about it. Because I could go on and on and on.[/expand]

Where does the time go?

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Whoa. I need to get to sleep!

I knew this would happen when I moved to wordpress. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to get things to work the way they were in LJ. *sigh*

I really should focus on my social life instead. I don’t know any ‘real’ people who use RSS feeds. All of my friends (even those at the  store) don’t use feeds.

Too bad though, there can be some really neat stuff about this.

I created a page where I explain what RSS feeds I have. Plus what other sites I use to talk to other sites.

I doubt anyone has actually seen them though. Which is why I’ve posted everything in my blog onto my Facebook account.

I can’t seem to get Flickr or 43things to auto-post to my wordpress. Although it should be possible.

“Pretty permalinks”

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Hmm. It looks like I should have done this permalink thing when I first started the blog.

At any rate, I figured it all out


category feed posts

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Hooray! WordPress does do feeds for each category! *I notice I keep spelling it ‘catergory’* is the feed for this. All I need to do is put in the category id. Neat.

Next to do is to get the ?cat=7 to read as the actual name of the category. I’m sure a plugin does this.

WordPress Posting

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

I’ve been trying to figure out how wordpress autoformats links. One thing that usually bugs me is when links include the ending period if they are at the end of a sentence.

Fortunately it bugs someone else too-

I’m glad there are coding people who have the same annoyances that I do.

Now if I can only figure out how to export each category as its own RSS feed. Then I could use the posts as css type of info for the different sections of my website. Until then I’m just going to draw a box or something on my website. I keep getting bogged down with the technical aspects of web design.

Time format

Friday, June 27th, 2008

I just noticed that my blog hadn’t been posting the time. It took me a few searches to figure out how to change this.

I wonder why the default wordpress doesn’t provide this. The time a post is written had a lot of information associated with it, like the alertness of the writer. (notice the time for this post = P )

multiple themes

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I thought it would be a great idea to have my various categories each have their own theme. This way it will only have those related posts, and then a master blog where one can see everything.

After searching and searching I discovered that someone created such a thing in 2006

Then he updated it recently! “Hooray!”, I thought. The answer to my problem.


No dice.


So begins the first adventure in the WordPress puzzle. This is why I wanted to hold off on giving up LJ. I knew that I’d have to worry all the time about upgrading or compatibility, or hosting issues. Ugh. So here I am, two hours wasted of my life and still nowhere.


I did find a comment that resembles my problem exactly:

On April 14, Louis wrote: “It turns out the table themed_categories (defined in tc_install) were never created for some reason in my case. After manually creating the table using phpmyadmin, everything is working fine now.”


What does that mean!? I just don’t get it. It took me a while to figure out that tc_install was referring to “themed_categories” . I downloaded previous versions of the plug-in, deactivated other plugins thinking maybe there was a compatibility issue. I discovered too that ‘categories’  is a word I apparently misspell. I kept spelling it catergories. 


I emailed Louis, and hopefully he’ll be able to shed some light on this issue. In the meantime I’d better keep to writing things on paper to dream up my ideal themes and categories..


I already have a list, and I’ll post it once I narrow it down and come up with a way to showcase all these genres in an elegant manner.