Homestar Runner

My friend Sean told me about h*r and ever since then, I've been a fan!
Basically Homestar Runner is a website devoted to a strange set of web cartoon characters!
They have great gags and jokes plus "hidden" links! Plus the humor is clean (most of the time).

I am a Homestar Runner Fan! am a Homestar Runner Fan!

There is also a great fan website that lists all the "easter eggs" of the Strongbad E-mails.. (try to find them on your own first = )!)
Strongbad is the man.http://www.the-coolest-stuff-ever.comStrongbad is the man.

Favorites: Teen Girl Squad #1, #2; King of Town Cartoon; Yellow Dello; Parsnips A Plenty; website; japenese cartoon

Last Updated: February 17, 2003
First Created: February 17, 2003
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