HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. It is what makes up webpages.
Oh, and before I forget a webpage is a single page that you view. A website is a collection of pages that link together and have a central starting page which is called a homepage.
Now I could go in depth about how to create a website but it all depends on what you want it to look like. I have a little proccess that I go through when I design a webpage.

What is the webpage going to look like?

Now if I have some information I want to be online I first think about what I want the reader to read. I then take a sheet of white paper and write that information on it and what types of titles I want on the top and any pictures or links I can think of. Then I'll write notes on any neat effects I want or anything like that.

My style of webpage design

To me there is nothing more annoying than a horrible color scheme on a page. Especially homepages about people. All of my pages have the same format and design wish links them to my homepage. I think of webpages as a free bulletin board that everyone in the world can see. Everyone in the world should have a page about themselves. I like reading books and magazines and for the most part these layouts have a larg black title and normal size text all on white paper. Ahhh, simplicity. On occasion I'll come across some neat backgrounds but most of the websites I like best (yahoo, dogpile)) have this type of design.

I like pictures and little icons and logos too but I also like being original with these. There are tons of gifs and jpgs but I try to make my own or change one to make it my own.

Create the Page

Personally I hand code most of my webpages. Hand coding means typing up all of the brackets and codes that a webpage needs to be read by your browser. It has taken me years to learn bits and pieces here and there on how to do this. I am still only a novice. I hand code because it makes things easier when I have to change something on my site. I can also track down any problems I encounter on my site and pinpoint what is wrong with them.
I do use some programs to help me out however. I mostly use Notepad to do editing on my pages. I use html color picker to help me find the color codes. I also used Smartdraw to make my map on my Places I've Been webpage.


There are other some other things I've learned that I thought were kinda neat! There is a difference between the web and the internet. The web refers to the worldwide web (the www prefix infront of some sites). The Internet is anything following the http:// in your location bar (http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Most sites are both on the internet and on the World Wide Web (like and But some sites like my college have a site on only the World Wide Web (

Links to pages that help you out.

Last updated: April 21, 2001
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