Extremely Useful Macbook Freeware

(Mostly Macbook & intel ready applications in alphabetical order)
{most programs can run on other Macs}

AcidSearch - adds flexibility to the Safari search box.
AntiRSI - Take breaks from your computer.
Adium - This instant messanger replacement can do all the major chats, but I still am a iChat fan. Real-time video conferencing is keen.
Apimac Timer - Use it to accomplish tasks without spending too much time on one thing.
Audio Recorder - Simple recorder
CakeHole - use the text to speech capabilities of the Mac.
CarbonCopyCloner - back up your drive to an external drive
CDCatalog - a program that keeps a list of files that are on your various data cds.
Check Off - A simple To Do list app. I mostly use OmniOutline now.
Chicken of the VNC - I use this and OSVNX to maintain my grandparent's computer remotely.
CreamMonkey - add greasemonkey scripts to Safari (my fave, save a youtube video)
Delibar - Access bookmarks.
Desktopia - automatically change the background at times of the day.
DivX - Needed for certain videos
Djay - slow down or speed up music.
Formulate - add/delete notes onto a pdf file!
FunnyPhotographer - take funny pictures with your iSight
Google Earth - This program is genius.
Google Maps Plug-in - adds a quick way to see a map from your address book.
iAlertU - A car alarm for your Macbook!
Img2icns - Drag/drop images onto this program to create icons
ImageBurner - burn an ISO image quickly
ImageWell - A simple photo editing program.  light and you can resize things quick.
iStumbler - find open wifi networks. (MacStumbler is still PPC), usually though I use a widget for this.
iRecord - simple recording from your iSight
iRedLite - adds versitility to that little apple remote.
LiquidCD - Burn/copy cds. I once bought toast to do just this. Hopefully this will soon support DVD copying. I have data cds I need to back up.
Moofix - Read about this Macbook issue and download both programs. The fix works for me. I hope Apple fixes this issue soon. // Update: 8/18 - they did.
Micon - Drag/drop to change an icon
Nestopia - NES game emulator
Noise Screensaver - A screensaver that kind of looks like static (I'd like to see one that really looks a bit like tv static)
NVU (PPC)- HTML editor.
OneButton FTP - The title says it all! A simple to use ftp uploader.
Perian - adds FLV support to Quicktime (to play saved youtube videos)
QuickSilver - An awesome launching program that learns as you go
Quicktime FullScreen script - make your quicktime go full screen without paying for Pro.
RCDefaultApp - Adds a section to your System Preferences to change an extension's default app.
Seashore - This program has layers and stuff I don't really know how to work yet. That means it is advanced.
Slimbattery Monitor - A battery icon replacement with more options. Personally I like the rounded terminal look.
SMSRotate - Turn your Macbook sideways and the screen changes too.
Snes9x - Super Nintendo emulator. Get this program, get Roms, buy a controller and play retro games.
Stuffit Expander - I don't know why Apple just doesn't have this program preinstalled. It is super necessary.
Taco Edit - I use this program for the easy image mapping tool.
Todos - See all the programs you have on your Mac all at once.
Transmission Torrent - A Bittorrent program that keeps the upload/dowload progress on your dock.
URLWell - a little temporary url drop box for your taskbar
WhatSize - It takes inventory of all the files on your computer. It helps you find what files are hogging your hard drive
WMV - give itunes the ability to play WMV files
Writeroom - Distraction free text writing. You'll have to change page width and height to the maximum so it will look okay when you make it full screen.
Xshelf - A nice little space to stick stuff
You control iTunes - a nice menubar itunes player

beaTunes - Automatically detect and change the BPM on your itunes collection (free for a week).
iStopmotion - Looks really neat- $40 though.
Yep - A program to organize your pdf files

Macwireless - shows you open networks
DoBeDo - Shows your to-do lists
PowerSwitch - a quick way to shut down everything.
Screenshot Plus - I use this to quickly save screen shots
Widget Kickstarter - This isn't a widget, but it starts your widgets when you login so they really do seem to start up instantly. Finally.
zljay - Livejournal poster
iCal events, Clock, calculator, and Accuweather -- which come naturally.

Fav Sites: a list of menubar items A simple freeware a day website - Apple's widget download page - a converter page for youtube videos - my newest macbook discoveries

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