Poems - The Green Elephant

Back in 1995 I had to write a book of poems. It included various types and I made them all up. My grandmother just found it and I read through some of them. I can't believe how awesome they are. My absolute favorite is a limerick I wrote.

Below are the actual Wordperfect files renamed *.DOC so you can use Word to see them too. I made them on May 25, 1995.

I remember finishing this project over at my grandmother's house. She was the one who had a good computer with COLOR printing! Exciting times. I just re-read them all and I made SEVERAL spelling errors. I'm leaving them for posterity. I was only 14 at the time, so appreciate the cleverness of a teenager..

Inside Cover Page- I thought I was so funny with this one.
The Green Elephant
You'd Forget Your head [by Sheil Silverstein]- We got to pick one of our favorite poems to put in our book.

Sam the Slurpee Server
The Woods
The Day The Cartoons Came To Life
Oranges, Oranges

The Sun
The Blue whale


The Numskulls of Lazyville

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