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Remembered Dream

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

This doesn’t have to do with lucid dreaming, but I remembered that awesome dream.

I went to some friend’s party and this person had a NICE place.. or maybe it was at a hotel. Anyway I’d gotten there late and had fallen asleep. There was some other plot too where I was meeting up with some girl that I liked.. I think that girl was played by this swing dancer I took a fancy too on Thursday.. Christie.. who later turned into Crystal (who was with Jenny). I suppose the girl switched back and forth because they are about the same height and such.

Anyway, the next day people were still partying. The host gave me a hard time for falling asleep so fast. She also told me about the salad bar nearby (oh, and it had also turned into a camp). Apparently to this girl I was looking for was looking for me too. I started walking around outside, which by now had turned into some sort of airfield. Everyone around me started looking in the sky. I looked up and at first saw two airplanes really close together. Everyone’s comments seemed too excited for this ‘normal’ occurrence so I continued scanning the sky. A motorhome was flying around, powered by these jets from behind. Someone in the crowd said: “I can’t believe they finally did it”.

Then I must have got some binoculars or something because then I saw the vehicle closer and watched it as it flipped over, spun around a few times and skitted in the sky.. then because of the friction in the air it started falling apart. Then it blew up. It was one of those backwards blow ups that happen in space, and implosion.. and then it exploded for real.

Sometime later I started watching a news report about the event. They did one of those histories of the parties responsible. They were a couple of rich twenty-somethings that had created this website and experimented with making things go.

Their website or logo had some sort of comment that their ultimate goal was to have a motorhome fly. Then the news report displayed videos from their archives. A submarine looking object was halfway floating in dirty, black water with all sorts of garbage floating in it. The voice over said “It started out with a variety of vehicles..” The submarine looking thing was lit from behind by these rockets and it collided with all sorts of junk before stopping. Then the next video was of them atop some sort of a rickety ramp high above a cliff. They had some car with rockets attached and it rolled down and moved forward a few clicks before the weight of the object made the wood collapse and then it tumbled down the cliff.

The final video of them getting the motorhome all set began, “.. and then their dreams were realized after perfecting the process. They climbed in and began their final journey.”
There were a couple girls and a couple guys (the types you see in those teen horror movies). The video was showing them climbing in and taking off and they were so excited and full of life.

I remember thinking “oh, little do they know that they are going to die”.

Also somehow connected to this dream.. I was leaving the camp, trying to find my car and this older lady needed help because a band of ruffians (some goth punks) had taken her purse. I turned into Michael J. Fox and started running after them.. or rather watched him run down the hill. I somehow stayed to watch her yelling after those hooligans. Then Michael or me came back up the hill and we began looking for my car. It took us awhile to find, but eventually we took some really fancy sports car.. The old lady was like Maude from harold and maude and was all super spunky.

That’s all I can recall. I don’t know where the motorhome came from.. but I think I started thinking about small girls because Robin is also shorter and of a small stature. She had also asked me what my favorite movie was and I told her BTTF, which is where Fox came in I suppose.

Wow. That was an adventure.. I wonder how the car chase went..

Attempt #2

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I tried the mask again, but I think I’m giving up to easily. Somewhere in the middle of the night I took it off and decided that I wanted to at least have some sort of a dream.

I remember having some sort of a “whoa that was an awesome dream” thereafter.. which I forgot after telling myself the dream aloud. Apparently I continued on dreaming because someone commented that I was talking aloud. Odd.

The last dream had something to do with me complaining to some of my high school buddies. I was commenting that only 66 people attended the reunion.. I was giving them a hard time because they weren’t there.

I suppose that happened because Robin had asked me about best friends and I had briefly thought about HS earlier that day.

So, I’ll try my mask yet again tonight, but this time I’ll be committed! I’ll also keep my phone nearby so I can record my thoughts.

Oh, and sometime recently I had a dream where I bought this big old recorder and thought it could connect to my computer but the connecter piece that I thought was a usb turned out to be something else and then everything else was rusted and the power cord turned out to be spliced because it was originally from another country. Writing about recording made me think of that.

Attempt #1

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Darn, I didn’t dream at all last night. I woke up a couple of times and then after sitting there for a while the lights would flash.

Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow night.

BTW The slip of paper I got with the mask said:
Thanks for buying a Lucid Dreaming Mask kit! You can find full instructions at:

Thanks, Nate

The page shows how to finish constructing it, but I don’t have a a soldering iron and pliers and stuff so I just bought the finished product. It cost twice as much, but at least now I don’t have a bunch of tools around that I’ll rarely use.

My Lucid Dreaming Mask

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

It finally arrived! I ordered it a while ago and it is finally here.

I’m going to pick it up from Eric’s place later tonight, and then I’m going to LindyGroove.. but man oh man am I excited to try it tonight!

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Lucid Dreaming is when you know you are dreaming and you can then do whatever you want– better than Virtual Reality! Most times though while you are dreaming you are CONVINCED that it is real life. This mask has a timer and flashes a red led light after it supposes you’ve fallen asleep. Then everything in your dream would be superimposed with red and you’d know you are dreaming.

I already have started a list of things I want to experience..

-visiting a 1920s/30s party (like Great Gatsby) or city
-having all the things that money could afford (a really nice apartment & projects)

Also I plan on getting some type of work done.. I could practice performing in front of ‘people’. I could experience some cool story I just read. I can also see how my projects will end up. I think that will inspire me to accomplish them in real life.

I’m very excited about this. I’ll update more about this tomorrow.