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Pet peeves

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Here is a list of random pet peeves..

#185 Taking clothes out of the dryer at my apartment complex: scorched clothing smell and painful handling of the searing cloth

#173 Facebook makes it look like I’m about to comment on everything I see.

#115 when people flake (even though I’ve done it before.. I hate it when I do it too)

#132 taking a nap and waking up HOURS after you intended to awake

Felix on Hulu

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


I could barely watch an episode of Felix the cat.

First thing I noticed- the theme song isn’t what I expected. You know, “Felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat. Whenever he gets in a mix, he reaches into his bag of tricks…”

Well, this has some sort of new-age sort of a theme that tries to introduce all the characters… and it is so bad.

Plus the animation is TERRIBLE! I could do something better with motion or keynote. There are a few very Felix types of things that reminded me of his old cartoon, the whole- tail-detaches-and-becomes-something-else routine. And the series of non-sensical plots. In the first episode the bad guy is wearing some sort of a blue suit.. and hunting! What? Plus, I don’t know what age group they were aiming for, but Felix states the obvious all the time- “The tree is gone!” “I’ve been tricked”

Plus there were several seconds of just staring at nothing in particular. For about ten seconds we see a trunk jumping around (all two frames of animation btw). So incredibly terrible.


I went shopping last night and bought some strawberries and bananas. So I had them and chocolate pebbles this morning. Oh, and I finally finished entering the names of all 192 hikes into a database on my iPhone.

As a side note, I’m going to have to contact headquarters during work tomorrow. Voice Over is unlike every other thing we teach on the Mac, and there doesn’t seem to be any training anywhere. If I’m going to basically start from scratch, I’d rather have a team or someone to send feedback to. *sigh*