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Grocery Shopping

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

My scene partner, Andre, from last month’s acting class told me about a great place to buy groceries. He said, “It’s like Whole Foods, but much, much cheaper… it’s called SPROUTS”

Today, I finally made the trip over to the one in Burbank. The first thing I noticed was the bulk foods section. It reminded me of the days back in Vancouver, when I used to buy bulk candy with Randy at Cub Foods, which was later named WinCo.

I did the same thing at this store, buying a little bit of food here and there.

Here’s my receipt.

sprouts 140406

I bought some ground beef, which I haven’t done in such a long time, and some other items for a burger. I plan to use the Burgerville Sauce I have before it ‘expires’ later this month.

I don’t want to spend too much time typing up all my thoughts, but I bought some Chia seeds on a whim (they were $5 for a bag) and just now spotted a couple recipes on Pinterest I’d like to try. Now that I have an idea of what they sell, I’ll be able to craft a proper grocery list next time.

Some items I probably won’t get again anytime soon though.. the licorice was pretty expensive (next time I’ll buy some of the gourmet Root Beer flavored kind) and that chocolate covered honeycomb was a bit too hard to be a replacement for a Violet Crumble bar. And even though I enjoy retro stuff, peanuts from the shell kept coming out all smashed. I don’t know how that is even possible!

At any rate, I’ll be back again to shop for chicken at some point. =)


Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Today I made an appointment to get my Nissan LEAF updated. It updates battery management system to the 2013 model. Anyway, I knew I’d have to wait for a while, so I brought my computer and watched a DVD.

Afterwards I felt compelled to write a blog entry for my acting blog, and then the following conversation began amongst the others in the lobby. I don’t know how their conversation began, it wasn’t due to me, but rather commenting about how the guy across from me didn’t have his phone to keep him occupied. He was adamant about how ‘he went years not wanting or needing a cell phone, so he could do without today’.

The man on my left, a retired teacher talked about how cell phones affected student interactions. How they weren’t as apt to communicate amongst themselves. Then the elders began to talk about the usual problems of lack of proper spelling etc. The man across from me talked about how kids text on the phone while driving. Then the lady to my right piped in about how actually kids get in most accidents because of speeding. After a moment, the conversation returned to phones.

Here I was, frantically trying to finish my blog entry right after I was inspired to write it, and I felt that pressure to put my phone away.

I thought of this video and I put my phone away after posting, and tried to jump into the conversation.

By this point they began to talk about how big LASD is, and the fellow across from me thinks they should break the school districts up, the retired teacher to my left agreed and I nodded as well. It is true that when it get bigger it gets harder to manage. That’s true of any institution, which is why small groups at a church are excellent. Just at the guy at my left suggested, it keeps accountability when groups are smaller.

Within a few moments my cell phone rang, and I was notified that my car was ready to go.

Partially while eavesdropping I got to hear the viewpoint of a retired teacher, the guy across from me was an attorney (he also mentioned that a jury isn’t consisted of peers anymore, which made me wonder what being on a jury is like now), and the lady to my right.. I didn’t hear what she did.

It is always interesting to hear elders talk. Everyone had white hair, and I haven’t been very good at placing ages, but it makes me wonder what I seem like to kids in high school or college.. probably just as old. lol. Especially when I start dating myself talking about iPods (do people use those still?) or 2 hour battery life on laptops.