WDW Scanning

June 23rd, 2013 by hmatt
The Disney Look 2000

The Disney Look, 2000

In 2000 I participated in the Walt Disney World College Program. I kept a big plastic bin full of all the papers pertaining to my experience.

I started scanning some of them, and it is always strange to have that rush of memories flooding my brain as I touch papers I used to deal with years ago. It’s as if I’m being confronted with the 20 year old me, and what I wanted to pursue. The world was wide open with possibilities.

I’m in the place I always thought I’d be, Los Angeles, but I still have (as yet) unrealized hopes and dreams. I see remnants of the past before me and my current hopes of the future still just beyond my reach.

I am purging my papers and documents, and creating a simplified space around me.

I still have high hopes for the future, and it starts today.

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